What We Provide

We help our clients to choose the best management
structure for your construction needs.


Design & Build

A one-stop centre for the entire construction project,
the owner can choose the contractor, design team
and other consultants. Together, they work on
coming up with a contract price that provides all the things
required to complete the project from beginning to end.

This structure allows material selection and design
concepts to be evaluated constantly for cost effectiveness.
Since some tenders can be invited based on the
preliminary plans, construction can begin almost immediately.

Key benefits
• Fast-track construction schedule
• Design changes are possible
• Design fees are reduced
• Input from contractor/trades are
possible while project is in the design stage

Construction Management

If the owner would rather have a hands-on approach on the construction projects, this structure allows the owner to choose the most qualified construction manager, who is retained for a fee. The fee includes but not limited to budgeting, tendering, consultation, scheduling and payment of subcontractors and vendors on the owner’s behalf.

The main advantage of this structure is flexibility as the owner can monitor the entire process. This in return enables the owner to manage the costs and have direct input on the quality and outcome of the project.

Key benefits
• Cost savings directed to the owner
• Fast-track construction schedule


General Contracting

A traditional construction process, the design team is chosen to complete the working drawings and specifications. This is followed by the calling of tenders, whereby the contractor submits a tender price.

Most of the time, the lowest bidder gets the job. If the tender prices submitted are over the budget, the entire process repeats again. The project only begins when the contractor is successfully chosen and awarded the project.

Key benefits
• Firm knowledge of project end value
• Low risk for owner
• Easy project financing


Our specialization spans over all kinds of construction needs.
Here are some of the services we provide to our clients.



• Walkable Ceiling with F.F.U. and HEPA filter
• Walkable Ceiling with F.F.U. and UHMWPE filter
• 2hrs Fire-rated ceiling
• Aluminium Anodized Ceiling System
• Aluminium Strip Ceiling



• Concreting Slabs
• Machinery/Equipment
• Plinths Concrete
• Ramp Concrete Kerb


External Works

• Brick Wall Construction
• Prestawall
• Composite Panel
• Curtain Wall
• Road Repair
• Pedestrian Thermoplastic



• Gypsum Board Partition
• 2hrs Fire-rated Partition
• Chipsteel Partition
• Honeycomb Panel Partition
• Vinyl Laminated partition



• Rendering
• Tiling
• Epoxy Coating
• Vinyl Tiles/Sheet/Anti-static/Conducive
• Raise Floor
• Carpet Tiles/Carpet Rolls


Other CSA

• F.R.P. Grating Air
• Shower Room
• Signage Room
• Cubicle Furniture
• Cabinet Countertop


Door & Window

• Aluminium Door & Window
• Roller Shutter
• Roller-fast Door
• Sectional Door
• Lockset, Door Closer, Door Selector,
Push Bar
• Window Blinds
• Plastic Curtain
• Aluminium Louvers
• Full Glass Swing
• Doors



• PVC Cover Chain Link Fencing
• Galvanize Fencing
• Steel Structural Warehouse
• Awning/Metal Strut Roof
• Drain Cover Grafting
• Stainless Steel
• Metal Railing
• Polycarbonate Roofing

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